Summer Schedule Coming Soon!


Thank you for your interest in Mongan Dance Academy ... where creative roots flourish!

Our dance program is designed to advance throughout the school year, beginning in late August and ending in mid-June. Each week builds upon the prior week. Each session advances with more difficult moves and technique. We can accept new students through January, but we do not start at the beginning of the curriculum with each session. 

Our students have been working hard learning dance moves and combinations, refining their technique, and preparing to showcase their skills and passion for dance in our year-end recital in June. During mid-February, we begin our recital preparations, order costumes, and begin teaching choreography along with the regular curriculum. Therefore, we are no longer able to enroll new students into the program at this time. 

We always look forward to our Summer Session so we can meet new students. We have regular classes as well as Princess Ballet Camps for our littlest students and special technique classes and workshops for our upper level students. If you have an account with MDA (click here to create an account) or have signed up to receive emails from us (subscribe here to receive emails), you will receive a notice when the Summer Session is online. Of course, if you have any questiojns, you are welcome to email us any time at


  • SIBLING1  - $10 discount for the second child in the same household 
  • SIBLING2  - $20 discount for the third child in the same household
  • CAMP  - $16 discount for the third child in the same household  
MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNTSDiscounts for multiple classes per student begin at $20 for the second class, then $22, $24, $26. The discounts are applied automatically.
DANCE ATTIRE - We sell the required shoes, tights, leotards, skirts, and dance bags to students enrolled at MDA. Please view our online Store for additional information.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE - An annual administrative fee of $25 will be added to each family's account after we receive your child's registration. This is a one-time fee for the 2017-2018 dance year as long as the studet is enrolled in consecutive sessions. It must be paid by the start of the session.