What We Offer ...

Mongan Dance Academy offers a variety of dance styles, including ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip hop. We also offer a special "Academy Program" for pre-professional students, a variety of workshops, holiday camps, summer camps, and Fun Fridays. We have an annual recital in June, and other special performances as the opportunity arises.

Show classes for:
Itty Bitty Ballet

Itty Bitty Ballet is for children ages 18-30 months accompanied by their mom/dad/caretaker. With assistance of mom/dad/caretaker, we focus on basic ballet technique, coordination, balance, and rhythm. This unique learning experience also helps toddlers learn social skills in a structured classroom setting, build confidence, and gain independence so they can move up to our Pre-Ballet 1 class. This is a 30 minute ballet class.

Itty Bitty Ballet is for students ages 1-1/2 and older.

Pre-Ballet I

Pre-Ballet I introduces students to the fundamentals of classical ballet training. Students focus on basic ballet positions and terminology, creativity, discipline and following instructions, social awareness, and coordination. Instruction includes a variety of methods, such as props, imagery, and age-appropriate music. This is a 30 minute ballet class.

Pre-Ballet I is for students ages 2 through 3-1/2. 

Pre-Ballet II

Pre-Ballet/Tap II is for students ages 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 (as of August of dance year). They continue to learn the fundamentals of classical ballet and are introduced to tap. Students focus on basic technique and terminology, rhythm, proper body alignment, and musicality. Instruction includes a variety of methods, such as props, imagery, and age-appropriate music. It emphasizes ballet discipline, social awareness, coordination, self-image, and creativity. Pre-Ballet II classes include 30 minutes of ballet instruction and 15 minutes of tap instruction.

Pre-Ballet III

Pre-Ballet III is for students ages 5-1/2 through 8. Pre-Ballet III classes include 45 minutes of ballet instruction and 15 minutes of tap instruction. 

Hip Hop Minis
Hip Hop Minis is for students in the Pre-Ballet 2 level (ages 3-1/2 to 5-1/2). They will learn basic jazz and hip hop movements and exercises that will introduce our mini movers to the world of urban dance!
Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop

Pre-Jazz/Hip Hop is an introductory combination class for children ages 5-1/2 to 8. It includes beginning jazz technique and terminology, which utilizes techniques of classical ballet, and hip hop dance, a high energy dance using urban style movements. This class emphasizes the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style.


Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. It focuses on flexibility, balance, posture, and body alignment using classical ballet movements, technique, and terminology. Classes focus on barre work, center exercises, and movement combinations. Ballet is for children ages 8 and older. Placement is based on age and/or ability based on the instructor's recommendations.

Advanced Technique

Advanced Technique is for advanced ballet students (level III and higher) who take at least two ballet classes per week and are approved by the instructor. Students will pursue proficiency at the barre, continue with center work and fluid dance combinations, and be instroduced to more sophisticated turns and leaps. Students who have completed en pointe prerequisites may dance en pointe for part or all of the class per the instructor's approval.


Pre-Pointe class is for students who are not yet en pointe and have been evaluated and approved by the Artistic Director to take class. Readiness for pointe work is determined by each student’s strength, physical development, and basic ballet technique. Specific exercises will be taught to further develop strength and mobility of the feet and ankles, turnout and core control, and maturity and bony development. Students enrolled in this class must also be enrolled in Ballet classes. Students who are approved to take ballet classes en pointe may continue in the Pre-Pointe classes to maintain optimum strength. 


Students who have successfully completed Pre-Pointe are elligible to continue their pointe technique in a ballet class that is specifically for floor work and combinations en pointe. Students must be enrolled in two ballet classes per week also. Students must be approved by the instructor.


SASS Class  -- Stretch, Align, and Strengthen for Stamina is a conditioning class for serious, upper level dancers who want to advance their dance skills through a variety of exercises and techniques to build endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.


To enhance our regular dance curriculum, a variety of Yoga classes are offered specifically for children who may or may not have dance experience, currently enrolled students who want to become stronger, more centered dancers, and adults. All of our Yoga classes are led by one of our professionally trained dance instructors who have also been certified in Yoga.


Modern/Contemporary dance emphasizes core strength, body alignment, flexibility, and balance using different isolations, shapes, principles of fall and recovering, control, breathing, and balance. It is free-flowing dance moves that stray from the formal structure of ballet, and not restricted to a particular genre of music. Modern dancers are encouraged to express their emotions and develop artistry through movement. Modern/Contemporary is for children ages 8 and older. Placement is based on age and/or ability based on the instructor's recommendations.


Jazz dance is based on the foundations of classical ballet principles and is influenced by rhythms of jazz music. We explore traditional, Broadway, and contemporary jazz styles in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Classes begin with a warm-up, emphasizing technique, flexibility, coordination, and strength, followed by progressions across the floor, center work, and combinations. Advanced Jazz emphasizes quality of movement in addition to perfecting technique, performance skills, and varied styles.  Jazz is for children ages 8 and older. Placement is based on age and/or ability based on the instructor's recommendations.


Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. It focuses on rhythm and syncopation. Tap is currently offered in combination with Pre-Ballet and Ballet I classes. Intermediate Tap and Advanced Tap classes are offered based on age and/or ability for students ages 8 and older.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is high energy dance using urban style movements. Classes begin with warm-ups that concentrate on building stamina, improving strength and flexibility, body conditioning, and rhythmic isolations. Students will build a foundation of basic hip hop movements combinations, which will become more intricate and difficult as they advance to higher levels of classes.  Hip Hop is for children ages 8 and older. Placement is based on age and/or ability based on the instructor's recommendations.

Academy Plus Program

The Academy Plus Program is an extension of the Academy Program, but the Academy Plus Program includes two additional electives (jazz, tap, and/or hip hop).


Workshops and Dance Intensives are periodically offered to students who are dedicated, disciplined, and determined to advance their skills and technique.  Students must be in Level I or higher. Instructor approval is required to participate in workshops and dance intensives.


The Nutcracker, a classic Christmas Story, is a fairy tale ballet in two acts centered on a family’s Christmas Eve celebration. Alexandre Dumas Père’s adaptation of the story by E.T.A. Hoffmann was set to music by Tchaikovsky and originally choreographed by Marius Petipa. It was commissioned by the director of Moscow’s Imperial Theatres, Ivan Vsevolozhsky, in 1891, and premiered a week before Christmas 1892. Mongan Dance Academy's debut of the Nutcracker will be on December 18, 2016. All students in Pre-Ballet III, and Ballet I, II, and III are eligible to participate and audition for special roles.


Annually, the students of Mongan Dance Academy showcase their artistic talents and progress in the Annual Recital in early June. Those who are able to participate have a fond sense of accomplishment and pride in their hard work and practice. 

Recital Titles:

  • 2014 - "The Woods of Mongan Drive"
  • 2015 - "The Traveling Big Top"
  • 2016 - "Seaborne"
  • 2017 - "A Summoning of Yesteryear"
  • 2018 - "Seasonal Affairs"
Summer Dance Camp

Summer Dance Camps are for students ages 2 through 7. They include a variety of dance forms (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop), stories, crafts, snacks, games, and other activities that enhance the children's fun, creativity, and imaginations. Our Princess Ballet Camps feature a different princess with costumes and props each week. Showtime Camps include all dance forms, and vary in themes, such as musical theater or Broadway baby, each season.

Holiday Dance Camp

Holiday Dance Camps are held during the special holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and other special events. Holiday Camps include a variety of dance techniques, crafts, snacks, and/or movies. No previous dance experience is required. This is open to all children, not just students currently enrolled at Mongan Dance Academy, ages 3 through 10.

Adult Fitness

Our professionally trained dance instructors offer a variety of dance fitness classes for adults and advanced students (ages 14 and older OR Ballet 2 and higher).