COVID Safety Procedures

In order for students to participate in Mongan Dance Academy's program, all families must accept and agree to the following:


rev 09/07/2020



2020 Fall Session





Mongan Dance Academy is committed to the health, safety and well-being of our staff, students, families, and visitors of MDA, as well as all members, athletes, coaches, and community members who use the EPCHS Sports Complex during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will adhere to, or exceed, the CDC, State of Illinois, IHSA, and EPCHS Sports Facility guidelines. The following is a list of minimum requirements that must be followed by all MDA staff, students, families, and visitors:



  1. Students will be dropped off and picked at the main entrance of the sports complex. MDA staff/instructors will walk students to and from the doors.
  2. Staff, students, family, and visitors must have their temperature checked at the main entrance.
  3. Staff, students, families, and visitors must wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times, including the dance room.
  4. Staff and students shall sanitize hands when entering and exiting the dance room.
  5. No parents, caretakers, or visitors are allowed in the dance rooms at any time. They are not allowed to remain in the sports complex during class times.
  6. Street shoes are not allowed in the dance rooms.
  7. The maximum number of students who can register for a dance class will range from 5 to 10, depending on the level and type of dance.
  8. Staff, students, families, and visitors must practice social distancing, even in the dance room. There are 7’ x7’ square markings on the dance floor so each student has his/her area. Students must remain in their designated dance space as instructed by the instructor. 
  9. No one is allowed to do handshakes, high fives, fist pumps, hugs, touching, etc.
  10. Staff and students must sanitize their hands after using a tissue to wipe or blow nose.
  11. Staff and students must wash hands thoroughly after using the restroom.
  12. Staff, students, families, and visitors shall not attend or be allowed to remain at the studio if sick or symptomatic with the following symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever of 100.4 degrees or above, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or other CDC-identified symptoms. 
    • Sick or symptomatic staff should be encouraged to seek a COVID-19 test at a state or local government testing center or medical center, else must quarantine for 14 days.
    • If a student appears sick or symptomatic, the student shall be removed from the dance room immediately. MDA staff shall contact the parent/guardian to pick up the child. Parents are encouraged to seek a COVID-19 test for the child at a state or local government testing center or medical center, else must quarantine for 14 days.




  1. Staff must have wellness screenings when they enter the sports complex.
  2. Staff, students, families, and visitors who have COVID related symptoms should remain isolated at home for a minimum of 10 days after symptom onset and be fever-free. Students feeling well should take class on Zoom during the time of isolation.
  3. Instructors must maintain attendance sheets for students for contact tracing purpose.
  4. All family members and visitors must sign a visitor log for contact tracing purpose.
  5. If a staff, student, or family/visitor is diagnosed with COVID:
  • Staff and students who were in the same class, or in contact with the student, shall quarantine for 14 days from exposure and seek a COVID test at a medical center or state or local government testing site. 
  • Students who are feeling well should take class on Zoom during the time of isolation.
  • MDA will report the case to EPCHS Sports Complex. MDA will contact all MDA families whose students were in either classroom at the time.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting will be performed according to CDC guidelines. Classes will be held via Zoom until this is completed.
  1. Individuals who has been in close contact (15 minutes or more) with any other person who is diagnosed with COVID should contact MDA immediately by calling 773-401-6549. They should quarantine for 14 days after the most recent contact with the infectious individual and seek a COVID test at a medical center or state or local government testing site.  




  1. Dance floors will be sanitized after each class.
  2. Students in pre-level classes that use props will be asked to bring their own props (wand, light chiffon scarf, stuffed animal). The scarf can be purchased through MDA for a minimal fee.
  3. Students who use the ballet barre (Pre-Ballet 3 and all upper level ballet classes) will be asked to make a barre wrap from a paper towel roll split on the sign. It will be wrapped on the barre in their designated area. Barres will be sanitized after each use.
  4. Students who use a yoga mat will be asked to furnish their own mats.
  5. No more than 10 people will be allowed in each dance room. At this time, families and visitors are not allowed to wait inside the sports complex. Students shall be dropped off and picked up at the main entrance.
  6. Signage will be displayed in MDA area regarding face covering requirements, social distancing guidelines, cleaning protocols, and any reduced capacity limit.
  7. Staff, students, families, and visitors shall not be mixing with other groups using the sports complex.





  1. Clean and disinfect of premises should be conducted in compliance with CDC protocols on a weekly basis.
  2. Clean and disinfect common areas and surfaces touched by multiple people (entry/exit door handles, railings, etc.) every two hours in high traffic areas.
  3. If equipment is shared, organizers must sanitize equipment before and after use (see EPA list of approved disinfectants).
  4. Athletic equipment, such as bats, helmets, volleyballs etc., should be cleaned after each use.
  5. Sanitation of locker rooms will be completed before and after each practice.
  6. Courts, fitness room, common areas will be cleaned on an hourly basis throughout the scheduled operational day of the sports complex.



The EPCHS Sports Complex will continue to follow the IHSA guidelines and monitor changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The health, safety and well-being of athletes, coaches, members and visitors is of the utmost importance.  Organizers, management and employees of the EPCHS sports complex have been instructed to report any instances of participants not following the approved guidelines, if deemed necessary by management, participants will be asked to remove themselves from the premises at that time.