Uniform Requirements

For the convenience of our parents, Mongan Dance Academy sells all of the required uniforms (shoes, leotards, skirts, tights, and dance bags) to students enrolled in our classes. Samples of our products can be viewed in our on-line store. Please note that the sizes and colors of online purchases of dance attire will be selected when you come to the studio to be fitted. We can special order items as needed.


  • PRE-BALLET I: pink ballet shoes1, leotard or dance dress, skirt (optional) and pink tights1
  • PRE-BALLET II: pink ballet shoes1, black patent tap shoes, leotard or dance dress, skirt (optional) and pink tights1
  • PRE-BALLET III: pink ballet shoes1, black patent tap shoes, leotard in class color (see next section), skirt (optional), and pink tights1
  • BALLET I, II, III: pink split-sole ballet shoes1, leotard in class color, skirt, pink tights1
  • POINTE: same as Ballet III with pointe shoes approved by instructor
  • BOYS BALLET: white t-shirt, black dance shorts, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes for Pre-Ballet/Tap (tie or slip-on style) 
  • 2HIP HOP MINIS (ages  3-1/2 to 5-1/2): tan jazz boot (girls), black dance sneaker (boys)
  • 2PRE-JAZZ/HIP HOP (ages 5-1/2 to 8): tan jazz boot (girls), black dance sneaker (boys)
  • 2MODERN: barefoot
  • 2TAP I and II: black slip-on tap shoes
  • 2JAZZ I and II: tan slip-on jazz boot (girls), black slip-on jazz boot (boys)
  • 2HIP HOP I and II: black dance sneaker (street shoes are NOT allowed)
1 The color of the ballet shoes and tights is  ballet pink  (has a tint of peach) rather than  light pink .
2 Ballet students can wear their leotard, skirt or dance shorts (optional), tights (pink or tan). Non-ballet students can wear the same, or replace leotard with a tight-fitting shirt.


  • Pre-Ballet III -  mulberry  
  • Ballet I -  turquoise 
  • Ballet II -  eggplant 
  • Ballet III -  black  
The basic class leotards must be purchased at MDA so the colors will all match. They will be worn in some performances, such as the Nutcracker.
There are no required leotard colors for Pre-Ballet I and II, nor the electives (Modern, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop)


  • All dancers must have their hair pulled back off their faces and out of their eyes.
  • Students with shoulder-length hair must have it pulled into a ponytail or bun. 
  • Students in Ballet I, II, and III (ages 7-1/2 and older) MUST wear buns if their hair is long enough.