COVID Information

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mongan Dance Academy
will be opened for the 2020-2021 Dance Year

with limited classes and strict safety procedures

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
If, at any time, the COVID positivity rate trends upward in our area,
all classes/activities may have to be streamed through Zoom only. 
We adhere to, or exceed, the CDC, State of Illinois, IHSA, and EPCHS requirements.
Meanwhile, visit our Class Schedule for
classes and Pirouette Parties in our 2020 Fall Session.
This schedule is always listed on the
 COVID tab of our website.

Monday, November 16, 2020 -- Due to the sharp increase in COVID cases this past week in Illinois and the communities we serve, we will continue to hold classes on Zoom. As you may know, the State of Illinois, Cook County, and the City of Chicago have requested all non-essential businesses and organizations to voluntarily shut down, and for all people to voluntarily stay at home in order to slow the pandemic.

We are closed the week of Thanksgiving, except for Monday, November 23 (since we were closed Labor Day). We will remain on Zoom for one week after Thanksgiving in order to be proactive in mitigating the potential spread of COVID from holiday gatherings. Our tentative return date is Monday, December 7, 2020. We will confirm this prior to that date.

Thursday, November 5, 2020 -- Out of an abundance of precaution, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to hold our classes on Zoom beginning Thursday, November 4, 2020. It was a difficult decision because the classes have been going so well, we've had great attendance, and the dancers are progressing beautifully. Additionally, our parents have been very considerate of others by keeping their children home even when they just have mild cold symptoms.

We believe our decision to temporarily transition to Zoom was necessary for two reasons: 1) Covid rates are on the rise in our state, communities, and schools, and 2) There has been an increase in recent days of our students staying home under quarantine or because of possible second-line exposure. We have no known positive cases of Covid amongst our student body. Additionally, there are no known positive cases amongst students, staff, or coaches of other organizations using the EPCHS Sports Complex. While we believe everyone is doing their part, we want to be proactive and help minimize the potential spread and infection of the coronavirus during these record peaks. 
Since we are already set up on Zoom, and our students did well dancing remotely during the Spring and Summer Sessions, it only makes sense to transition so we can to be diligent in protecting our students, staff, and families. The temporary transition to Zoom will begin tomorrow, Thursday, November 4 through Saturday, November 14. Tentatively, we will resume classes Monday, November 16. We will evaluate the situation and confirm with you if November 16 will be the return date. All of the Zoom links are listed on our COVID 2020-2021 Zoom Schedule. This schedule is always listed on the COVID tab of our website.
Again, this decision is strictly out of love and precaution for our students, staff, and families!


Friday, August 28, 2020 -- We are planning to open the Fall Schedule in-studio with reduced class sizes and strict safety precautions in place. Weather permitting, some classes will be held outside. Students have the option to attend class on Zoom with live streaming from the dance room. We are also offering some special Zoom-only "Pirouette Parties."  If, at any time, the COVID positivity rate trends upward in our area, all classes/activities may have to be streamed through Zoom only. We adhere to, or exceed, the CDC, State of Illinois, IHSA, and EPCHS requirements. Everyone's good health is our first priority. Together we will dance through this!

We love you and miss you! -- The MDA Staff

Saturday, April 3. 2020 -- Our studio will continue to be closed through Saturday, May 2, 2020. It is with great optimism and hope that we return on May 4, but only time will tell. We miss you all so much, and we pray daily for the safekeeping of our students, families and friends.  

Sunday, March 22. 2020 -- The most current school closures mandate for the State of Illinois is through April 7, 2020 (return on Wednesday, April 8). We will remained closed during this time, or later as deemed appropriate. We are aware that the Chicago School District is closed through April 21, and it is possible we could be closed that long as well. But at minimum, we will follow the State school closures mandate.

Saturday, March 14, 2020 -- It is with heavy hearts, and even fear and anxiety, that we must take action to help keep our students, families, and community safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. But we must all do our part in minimizing and stopping the spread of this potentially life-threatening viral infection. Therefore, we will follow the closure mandates for the State of Illinois public schools, and we will close our facility for the same duration.

Additional information will be posted regarding our make up classes and practice videos of recital choreography, as well as how we move forward in the session, so please visit this page often. We will also be using our Facebook page to make announcements, and to post fun activities for students, siblings, and parents to do. 

We sincerely thank our families for being understanding and supporting our unprecedented decision to close the studio during the middle of a session. But we all have to work together to be safe, and to keep each other safe.

We will miss our students, but we look forward to reopening to continue our preparations for our 2020 recital, "Hello, Broadway!" on Sunday, June 7, 2020.

MDA Staff
Mongan Dance Academy