Important Information!

Here are some of the things happening at Mongan Dance Academy.
If you have any questions, or you desire additional information, please email us:
11/16/20 Classes Continue on Zoom
11/04/20 MDA Temporarily on Zoom
10/07/20 Hoppin' Halloween Pirouette Party
08/27/20 SO MUCH NEWS!!!
08/14/20 URGENT: Performance Options: Zoom OR Park
07/23/20 2020 Recital -- Rehearsal & Performance Info
06/20/20 Recital Costume Pick Up
06/15/20 Newsletter
05/26/20 Summer Session
05/23/20 2020 Recital Letter to Parents
05/14/20 Letter to Our Parents
05/03/20 May Calendar - Special Events
04/02/20 COVID-19 Recital, Springtime Ballet, ZOOM Classes
03/27/20 COVID-19 Info (Live Classes on Zoom)
03/23/20 COVID-19 Princess Tea Party & "I Will Survive" Dance
03/18/20 COVID-19 Info (Choreography Links)
03/16/20 COVID-19 Choreography to Practice Coming Soon
03/13/20 COVID-19 Update
03/12/20 COVID-19 Action Plan
03/07/20 Group Tickets to Watch American Ballet Theatre